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Participant Level Services

Visiting this website is a positive step forward in reaching your retirement goal. Whether you are currently enrolled in your employers’ 401(k) plan, have one or more IRAs or have yet to begin saving for retirement; realizing the need exists and educating yourself is critical in order to achieve the retirement lifestyle you desire. CSNW Retirement Services can assist you in your journey by providing you with the educational and analytical tools required to maximize your retirement savings.

Our Services Include:

Retirement Planning

A personalized gap analysis taking into account your age, income, existing savings, projected rates of return and inflation, social security benefits and desired replacement ratio will be created for you. This analysis, updated annually will project the savings required to meet your retirement goals.

Account Consolidation

If you have one or more IRAs or 401(k)s from previous employers in various locations we will assist you in aggregating all of your retirement assets into one consolidated retirement account. Consolidation benefits you in numerous ways including: potentially lower fees and expenses, improved ease of tracking, reduced paperwork/emails and the ability to more strategically allocate your funds.

Investment Flexibility

Within your plans fund menu you have a variety of options as to how to allocate your funds. You may select from target-date funds, predetermined asset allocation models or create your own portfolio.

Education and Research

Under the Resource Center tab of this website you will find numerous resources to assist you in your planning for and continuing education about your retirement savings, regardless of your level of knowledge or experience. You are always welcome to contact us either via email or phone with any remaining questions you may have.