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Plan Level Services

By offering a 401(k) plan you have already helped your employees become better prepared for retirement. CSNW Retirement Services can provide guidance and information to help you meet your fiduciary responsibilities by ensuring that your plan is as efficient as possible, maximizing performance and safety while minimizing fees and expense. We can also assist you in simplifying enrollment and increasing participation in your plan.

Our Services Include:

Plan Evaluation

Our services begin with an evaluation of your current plan. Based upon the results we may recommend changes that your current provider should implement and if appropriate that a change in providers be made. Changes in employer needs, new governmental regulations and improved design techniques necessitate reviews of the basic plan features of eligibility, employer contributions and vesting, among others.

Investment Due Diligence

A thorough performance and fee based review of your current fund lineup from a fiduciary standpoint will be conducted. If appropriate, new or additional funds will be recommended and implemented to your investment menu and underperforming or overly expensive funds removed.

Investment Policy Statement

Using a consultative approach we will review your current Investment Policy Statement or create one for you as part of the investment selection process.

Plan Monitoring

We provide quarterly investment review reports utilizing state of the art analytical tools. Using previously agreed upon criteria funds can be placed on review or removed from the plan for either performance or expense parameter failures.

Employee Education

We will meet with employees to review changes to the plan and/or investment menu. Additionally, we will discuss retirement planning issues, risk management and asset allocation at on-site meetings. Periodic correspondence will provide plan participants with economic and financial planning commentary. Our website serves as a resource for retirement specific planning and educational information and our staff is always willing to address any retirement questions your employees may have.